Water crisis – a short introduction

 Fresh water is becoming one of the scarcest resources on the planet which sounds crazy right, i mean the world scientists are saying the oceans are rising and you probably have running water in her house shoot look at a map and you’ll see that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water so how could we be running out. Well almost all the water in the world is salt water so we can’t drink it or grow crops with it about 1% is in the atmosphere in only 2. 5% is fresh water in liquid form out of that small amount of fresh water most of its founding ice caps and glaciers and permanent snow and almost all the rest is found in the ground. Yep, only 1% of the world’s fresh water is easily available to the creatures, plants and seven billion humans that live on land. That’s it! And here’s where we currently stand: some estimate that we’ve consumed or are already using about 50% to 60% of our fresh water70% going to agriculture 22% going to industry and about 8 percent is what we consume in our homes except we eat the food that agriculture grows and use the things that industry makes so humans are really doing all of the drinking of the milkshake so to speak from start to finish everyday things all around you have a bigger water footprint than you might imagine. For example, it takes about 140 liters of water to produce one cup of coffee14,400 liters to produce 1 kilogram of beef, 24,000 leaders to produce 1 kilogram of chocolate and 39,090 liters to produce a new car. About 1 in 8 people don’t have access to safe water, and it’s even worse in cities where the number is only one in four. On top of that our population has doubled in the last forty years, industrialization continues to develop in response and our use of water has quadrupled. To put this simply: we are literally drinking our home this lovely green and blue milkshake all up. And if you’re thinking water scarcity only happens to other people, i’ve got water, i’m fine. Think again, even places that currently have access to clean water are at risk, due to things like industrial accidents, agricultural waste, poor water management, natural disasters and yep, from all the other things that people like you and i flushed down the drain that stuff doesn’t just go away it goes back into your milkshake. Innovations of culture and technology that offer sustainable and cleaner industry, forming and living, can change the way that we and all of our descendants live for the better. The way we buy and sell, grow our food, produce our goods and services, govern develop build and interact with everything and everyone around us matters. So what are some of the solutions? What are some ideas that are out there? What are some of the other challenges and hopefully most important to you what can you do?

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